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Client Specialization

One Risk Group, LLC provides Insurance and Risk Management Services to businesses of all sizes (both private and public) and in a broad range of industries. Our client portfolio is quite diverse, however, we have particular expertise and specialty programs for those industry groups highlighted below.

Floor Cleaner


We work with contractors of all sizes and types including Commercial, Residential, Artisan and Service. We have specialty programs for janitorial and security contractors.

Image by Nik Lanús


We have proprietary programs for hotels and resorts including independent and chain. Additionally, we have a unique focus on restaurants from local eateries to multi-location fine dining and fast food. We offer specialty programs from a variety of insurers that are competitively priced.

Image by Lalit


Our client base is quite diverse with respect to Manufacturing. We work with clients that manufacture locally and sell directly to consumers. Some of our clients manufacture abroad and sell domestically. Others wholesale/distribute for other manufacturers. Contact us to see how we can assist you.

Private Property


The majority of our client base owns or manages property. We have particular expertise in this area for clients with portfolios of Commercial and Habitational Properties.

Image by Umberto


Our clients range from start up to multi-billion dollar publicly traded companies. We are partnered with insurers that aggressively pursue companies in this industry segment.


Tire Dealers

One Risk Group, LLC manages a large group of tire dealers across the Western United States. As such, we are uniquely qualified to offer competitive pricing and services unavailable to other insurance firms.

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