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Tire Dealer

Protection for Buildings / Inventory / Installation / Employees

The Tire Dealer Insurance Program offered through One Risk Group, LLC has options for everything you’ll need to protect your tire business. Our experience and specialty programs will enhance your business. Group discounts reduce your premium based on our volume of Tire Dealers.

Choosing a Tire

Property including buildings, inventory and employees' tools

Under the Car
Garage Liability & Garage Keepers'

Liability limits up to $2,000,000 per occurrence / $4,000,000 aggregate

Car Lot

Automobiles of all types, discounts for safe drivers and large fleets

Changing the Tire
Workers' Compensation

​Workers’ Compensation group program offers significant discounts

Stacking Up Tyres on Rack
Management Liability

​D&O, Employment Practices, Fiduciary Liability, Cyber Liability

Tire under Repair
Excess/Umbrella Liability

Excess/Umbrella Liability – limits available as required


The Tire Dealer Service Team will work closely with you to understand your operations and develop a service plan that meets your needs. Our team has been working with over 150 Independent and Franchise Tire Dealers since 1995.


Available services from One Risk Group, LLC include:

  • Claims Management

  • Safety Services including store visits and assistance with compliance materials

  • Contract Review and Certificate Management

  • Easy Application Process – quick turnaround time

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