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Commercial Property

Asset protection is a primary concern for businesses their vendors and customers. Most contractual agreements such as a lease, mortgage or customer contract will specify who is responsible in the event of a loss or damage to property.

Proper insuring agreements for various types of property must be secured. It is important to evaluate "what" type of property requires coverage at various stages of development, storage or transport.

Our team is ready to assist you with property coverage placement of any type.

Property Insurance Options

Private Property
Real Property

(Buildings/Tenant Improvements)

Property Construction
Business Personal Property

(Furniture, Fixures, Stock and Equipment)

Loading Cargo
Inland Marine

(Mobile Equipment and Tools)

Carpentry Work
Builders' Risk
Beach Debris
Difference in Conditions

(EQ, EQSL, Flood)

Cargo Ship at Sea
Transit/Ocean Cargo

Business Interruption/ Extra Expense Insurance is also a necessary coverage for most businesses to ensure viability in the event of a loss to property and facilities.  Additionally, Equipment Breakdown, or Boiler and Machinery, keeps any electrical, electronic, or pressurized equipment on your premises insured from breakdowns or loss. These valuable coverages may be part of one of the above policies or purchased separately. Electronic Data Processing Coverage (Hardware and Media) should be evaluated separately.

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