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Structured account management processes ensure the service commitment is met. A cloud-based agency management system enhances communication, documentation and open activities and ensures consistency and completion of tasks. Internal technology creates efficiencies that lower costs and streamline information exchange and communication.

Account management includes a technology-driven pre-renewal process, strategic marketing, concise insurance summaries, contractual review, efficient certificate of insurance administration and assistance with financial matters including billing, premium financing, and audits.


Archery Board

You can expect consistent and proactive support founded on communication, technology and accountability. 

The annual Service Timeline, developed at the inception of our engagement, is your assurance that we will fulfill our service commitments throughout the term. This structured approach to account management ensures our accountability, consistent service delivery and your continued satisfaction with the partnership.

Stewardship reports provide an annual summary of achievements and results accomplished. Activity and results are measured. Value received from our representation and relationship with you and your organization is featured.


Fists in Solidarity

Successful Loss Control and Claims Management result in a lower cost of risk.


Loss Prevention and Control services are offered to supplement insurance carrier activities. Our client advocates will serve as your liaison in directing, coordinating and providing safety-related support services.

Claims Management includes ongoing consultation, coordination of service agreements, claims reviews and reserve and settlement negotiations. Client advocates are available for Workers' Compensation and other Property/Casualty Claims.

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