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Risk Management

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Our approach to Risk Management is founded on the premise  of " knowing as much about your business as you do."


An operational analysis founded on your corporate goals establishes your risk profile. The risk profile culminates from a detailed review of your operations, insurance and risk management programs. Insights and recommendations enable your management team to make informed strategic decisions on risk retention and transfer.

The Risk Assessment will identify potential coverage gaps and exclusions, market opportunities and service enhancements. Levels of risk retention will be evaluated with a cost benefit analysis. Additionally, contractual risk management will be reviewed to include leases, contracts, certificates and other insurance/indemnity provisions.

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Advice is offered from the perspective of “always doing what is in the client’s best interest”.


Our strategic partnership develops from program inception and consistently thereafter, based on your risk profile.  Account management includes a technology driven pre-renewal process, strategic marketing, concise summaries of insurance, contractual review, efficient certificate of insurance administration and assistance with financial matters including billing, premium financing and audits.

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Successful Loss Control and Claims Management result in a lower cost of risk.

Loss Prevention and Control services are offered to supplement insurance carrier activities. Our client advocates serve as your liaison in directing, coordinating and providing safety related support services including:

  • Training

  • Compliance

  • Site Visits & Hazard Identification

  • Trend Analysis

  • Benchmarking​

Claims Management includes ongoing consultation, coordination of service agreements, claims reviews and reserve and settlement negotiations. Client advocates are available for Workers' Compensation and other Property/Casualty Claims.

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To effectively manage costs, each individual area that comprises your Risk Management Program should be evaluated. Total cost of risk components include premiums, self insured retention, claims and loss control, internal administration, outside providers and commissions/fees.

Evaluation Methods include:

  • Benchmarking- Coverage, Premium, Limits and Retention utilizing company, peer and industry data

  • Loss History Analysis

  • Internal Processes

  • Outside Service Provider Review

  • Provider Compensation

The Total Cost of Risk * (% shown for illustration)

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