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Workers' Compensation

Program Design        Administration      Advocacy

Workers’ Compensation is generally one of the largest required insurance expenditures for most organizations. One Risk Group, LLC is committed to providing our clients with Workers‘ Compensation program management expertise to assist with controlling this major expense area.

Our approach to managing Workers' Compensation encompasses three areas: Program Design, Administration and Advocacy.

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Program Design

  • Development of a program that meets corporate objectives from a risk tolerance, service and cost perspective

  • Market Analysis and strategy including carrier selection, type of program and marketing strategy

  • Loss analysis including forecasting 

  • Implementation including carrier meetings and protocol

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Administration encompasses information used in the development of premium and representation to insurance carriers, as well as management reports to allow monitoring and measurement of results.

  • Experience Modification audit and analysis to ensure it is accurate and as low as possible

  • Experience Modification projections used to forecast and budget for the future

  • Classification code applicability to ensure proper assignment of classification codes

  • Payroll audit assistance 

  • Management reports regarding loss experience and claims summaries

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Successful Loss Control and Claims Management result in a lower cost of risk.

Loss Prevention and Control services are offered to supplement insurance carrier activities. Our advocates will serve as your liaison in directing, coordinating and providing safety related support services.

  • Training

  • Compliance

  • Site Visits & Hazard Identification

  • Trend Analysis

  • Benchmarking

Claims Management includes ongoing consultation, coordination of service agreements, claims reviews and reserve and settlement negotiations.

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