Personal Insurance

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Personal attention and protection for individuals and families is ordered through the One Risk Group, LLC. Personal Insurance Division. Through careful planning, your Client Advocate will create an insurance program that responds to your needs and preserves your possessions, passions and wealth.

Your One Risk Group, LLC. Client Advocate has access to a broad range of insurers and products. Coverage is available in the following areas:

Domestic Workers’ Compensation
Identify Theft
Musical Instruments
Property of all types
Automobiles of all types
Farms, Ranches and Equine
Jewelry and Furs
Personal Liability
Watercraft of all types
Catastrophe including Earthquake, Flood and Wind
Fine Arts, Antiques and Collectibles (including Wine)
Kidnap and Ransom
Private Client Group including Entertainment and High Prole

Trust and knowledge form the basis of the relationship between the One Risk Group, LLC. Client Advocate and the individual or family. Critical information sharing is required to develop a Personal Risk Management Program which entails:

  • Identification and Assessment of your personal risks

  • Evaluation and impact of potential losses

  • Development and implementation of a customized solution

Personal attention is an ongoing process, to ensure that your insurance program will remain responsive, as your lifestyle and needs evolve.